Apartamentos de estilo minimalista, en Downtown Punta Cana

Punta Cana, Punta Cana

    • 1390 Código
    • Apartamentos Tipo de inmueble
    • Punta Cana Ciudad
    • Punta Cana Sector
    • En ConstrucciónEstado
    • 05-2025 Fecha de entrega

     Exclusive Experience! 


    Punta Cana is the ideal place to live in peace and with your family. The area is known for its white sand beaches, blue waters, and simply spectacular spas. 

    Paseo del coral offers you the peace and quiet that you need in the middle of the tropical beaty of Punta Cana.  

    Amenities like:

    24h Security 

    Control access 

    Social área 

    Club house 

    Kids área 

    11 pools 

    Bicycle lane 


    Buildings with elevators 

    Medical assistance 

    Pet Zone 

    Commercial plaza 

    Day care 

    5 min to the supermarket 

    12 minutes to the airport 

    3 minutes to
    the nearest high school


    From one to two bedrooms 

    52m2 (559.72SQFT)

    With living



    Master bedroom 

    Laundry area 

    Parking space 


    Two bedrooms

    From 72m2 (775.00SQFT) 

    Two bedrooms 

    Two bathrooms 

    Living room 



    Master bedroom
    and bathroom


    Method of payment 

    Reservation US$1,000 

    10% when signing the contract. 

    30% during construction 

    60% delivery of the apartment 


    NombreNiv.Hab.Ban.1/2 Ban.Est.Terraza Precio
    Candida Marcano
    Candida Marcano
    Agente Inmobiliario
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