Villa de estilo moderno en Cap Cana


Cap Cana, Punta Cana

  • VentaUS$ 3,100,000
  • 1441 Código
  • Villas Tipo de inmueble
  • Punta Cana Ciudad
  • Cap Cana Sector
  • 6 Habitaciones
  • 6 Baños
  • 4 Parqueos
  • 2 Total de Niveles del Edificio
  • 815 Mt2Construcción

Meet the spectacular collection of luxury villas with spectacular spaces to enjoy and invest at the highest level, located in one of the most exclusive and coveted destinations throughout the Caribbean, Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Cap Cana

We are talking about the most relevant destination city in the entire Caribbean, which impresses for its exclusivity and its peculiar way of integrating the beauty of the best white sand beaches in the Caribbean, the most prestigious golf courses in the entire area and its characteristic marina that replicates the finest European style, making this complex the most valued luxury destination in the entire area.

It has become a reference in recent years in the meeting point for those who love the best of life and enjoy it in the most intimate and fullest way. Cap Cana has all the amenities you need for a unique and unrepeatable lifestyle. Enjoy the best place to go fishing, golfing, yachting, polo, horseback riding and water sports. This added to its exclusive list of restaurants and its majestic marina, make it a world-class destination right in the center of the Caribbean.

Juanillo Beach

Punta Espada Golf Club

Punta Cana Intl. Punta Cana Airport

Api Beach

Fishing Lodge

Grocery Store

Blue Mall

Marina Punta Cana Resort & Club

Punta Cana Polo Club

Los Establos

Dominic Casino

Indigenous Eyes


Integration with nature Meet the new dimensions of luxury in a design that reinterprets minimalism in this piece of our collection, where light, water and the texture of its finishes reinvent the environments and turn it into a unique, intimate and elegant experience in Cap Cana.


2 levels

6 Bedrooms

6 Bathrooms + 1 1/2 Bathrooms

Service area

Swimming pool




Value US$3,100,000. -

  • Jacuzzi
  • Piscina
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